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What if OCC character meet the trolls, or better words, the trolls dropped into a world where the earth wasn't messed up or worped. In the first episode.

The story follows around Annabelle, a young mother, her wonderful son name Timothy, and a crazy hot-shot husband called Joshua. She, Anna, happening to be writing in her Dairy, where she tells the story of her beloved friends next door and the interesting time shift that lead to the trolls dropping into her home all over the place.Her life went from averagely crazy, to overly crazy, fulfilled, shocking and all around disastrous!

The plot spans one major story arcs, in the youtube (youtube channel still not created:

The Annabell Daries Arc (Youtube)

And two sub-plots major story arcs, in Fanfiction and Fictionpress (accounts still not created):

The Troll Chronicle Arc (Fanfiction)
The Lost Kingdom Arc (Fictionpress)